Welcome to the Bernoulli Network for the Behavioral Sciences!

The Bernoulli Network for the Behavioral Sciences is a joint initiative of the Faculty of Psychology and the Faculty of Business and Economics of the University of Basel, with the aim of fostering interdisciplinary dialogue in the behavioral sciences. The initiative honours the polymath Daniel Bernoulli (1700-1782) who contributed greatly to conceptions of utility and risk that are central to Psychology, Economics, and related disciplines.

The Bernoulli Network organises the Bernoulli Lectures for the Behavioral Sciences, annually honouring a researcher who has contributed significantly to the development of the behavioural sciences, and the Bernoulli Workshops, a set of yearly workshops allowing researchers in the behavioural sciences at the University of Basel to present and discuss their work and establish interdisciplinary collaborations. In addition, the Bernoulli Network organizes other special interest events related to the behavioural sciences, such as the Bernoulli Symposium on Risk (2017) or WiDS Basel (Women in Data Science Basel Conference, 2019).

The Bernoulli Network was initiated by Prof Dr. Ralph Hertwig in 2010 (now Director of the Center for Adaptive Rationality, Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Berlin) and currently involves Prof. Dr. Jörg Rieskamp, Prof. Dr. Rainer Greifeneder, Prof. Dr. Rui Mata, at the Faculty of Psychology, and Prof. Dr. Georg Nöldeke, Prof. Dr. Alois Stutzer, and Prof. Dr. Miguel Brendl at the Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Basel.

To receive information about upcoming events, please contact the administrative assistant, Laura Wiles: laura.wiles@unibas.ch.

Daniel Bernoulli (ca. 1725), Historisches Museum Basel, Foto: P. Portner